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Christine Sweeney | Friday January 24, 2014



English Examination Boards


Help with Set Texts and Literary Greats



A very useful site with translations and a concordance.

Luminarium Anthology of English Literature

Luminarium Encyclopaedia is a project begun in 2001 to provide historical contexts for the people, places, events and literature from the Medieval period through Chaucer, Tudor England, the Metaphysical poets to the Restoration.  A lovely site.


BBC 60 Second Shakespeare (clips)

A collection of clips of amateur productions of Shakespeare’s plays which last no more than 60 seconds, with guidance on how to create your own.

Royal Shakespeare Company (Explore)

‘Explore’ is a lovely page from the Royal Shakespeare Society site which explores all things Shakespeare. A link leads to further classroom resources.

The Shakespeare Society

A resource for all ages to all things Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Concordance

Whilst this site has many other resources, the concordance is easy to use. Helpful if looking at themes and language within a text, or links between all the plays by language and theme.


The Victorian Web

A must for anyone studying or teaching Victorian texts.

The Victorian Literary Archive Hyper-Concordance

A resource for exploring most Victorian texts by key words.

World War One

The War Poets Society

This site’s main focus in the poetry of WW1.

War Poetry

A multi-media history of World War One with links to literature; both prose and poetry.

Media Resources

BFI (British Film Institution)

To use their own words: BFI is the British Film Institute. Our world-renowned archive, cinemas, festivals, films, publications and learning resources are here to inspire you. They have links to educational resources and the site is glossy, slick and useful.


A long-standing, well stocked resource site designed for GCSE and A level Media Studies, also useful for GCSE English and GCSE English Language media work at KS4 and KS3.

E-texts for Older Literature

Project Gutenberg

Probably the most comprehensive collection of online texts of all types, and audio books. However, the format of texts means they cannot be searched. 

University of Pennsylvania’s Online Book Page

A bland page, but type in a text author or name and find a copy of what you need.


This site offers the welcome ability to join texts in the middle of a chapter, rather than trawling the whole text looking for the part you need.


Small but select collection. Easy to navigate and not just literature.

Poetry Hunter

Not every poem you will want is on here, but nonetheless, quite a few will be.

About Poetry

Links to more than just e-texts. Well worth a browse when teaching poetry.

The English Association Poetry Portal

More than just a place to find poems.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Each text is nicely broken down into scenes for easy searching.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library

Links to all things theatrical on the Web, including e-texts.

Royalty-Free One Act Plays

With careful selection, KS3 drama schemes can be enlivened with the study of short plays. The one act play based upon Macbeth and Hamlet can work as a model for students to create their own. What might they decide is significant to include?


English Language SFX by Dan Clayton

An excellent blog for English Language A Level students.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University’s list of A English Language websites.

A useful site which explains and compares the requirements of the new GCSE specifications.

Grammar Knowledge For Teachers

Created by Richard Hudson, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at University College London, this is an extremely useful site for all English teachers who need to refresh their knowledge of grammar.


A very useful site, in English, of links which was created for advanced Swiss English language learners who are studying Modern Literature written in the English Language.  The links lead to varied and useful background materials which help place the texts in their cultural, historical or social context (AO4).  Some of the modern Literature texts listed on current UK Specifications are covered on this accessible and user-friendly site.

Poetry Society

A vibrant, useful resource aimed at bringing poetry into children’s’ lives and schools that no teacher who loves poetry should ignore, especially at KS3. 

Children’s Laureate

The site which showcases the current children’s laureate.  It varies from year to year, depending on who the current Laureate is, but worth looking at for KS3 teachers as it links to all the previous Laureate’s, some of whom are ideal for KS3 teachers.

The Poet Friendly Classroom

This site is a MUST for KS3 teachers of poetry.  Michael Rosen has created an exceptional resource with video tips for poetry writing, a site for students to upload their poems onto, and much, much more.  A star site!

Online Etymology Dictionary

Useful for A level Language and language studies at KS3.

Oxford Dictionary Online

You can subscribe to various parts of this resource for free, but the online dictionary is subscription only. Do not despair though – most libraries have access to this for members, so as long as your students have a current library card, they will be able to access the dictionary through their Library site. Make it a requirement that your students join their library and away you go! Library members also have access to a variety of other online reference material which may help their homework.

World Wide Words

Language students can sign up for a daily email which sends them a word a day, or use this as a research tool when studying lexis and semantics.

Online Word Collapser

An excellent, free tool for teachers and students.  Put a text extract into it and it collapses the texts and sorts it in several useful ways.  Very helpful if planning a close study of the vocabulary in a Literary extract, or studying sentence types.

Guardian Books

Useful for A level Literature as it provides links to many modern and classic authors. Also a good site to recommend to students who are genuinely interested in modern literature.


BBC Education

The gateway to a plethora of resources and advice.

BBC ONLINE Resources

The gateway to interactive and useful online sites. Follow the link Class Clips to some wonderful short video clips for use in the classroom.

BBC Bitesize

Better suited to middle and upper band students, this is a revision site which offers guidance, notes and work closely targeted at the examinations for KS3, GCSE and A Level Literature and Language.

BBC History

Extremely useful and engaging media resources to help with context for texts from different periods.

BBC Voices

Whilst no longer updated, this an excellent site for teachers of Language Change and Accents and Dialects for A Level Language with links to useful resources.

The sound recordings and dialect map for British Accent and Dialects may be accessed here: The Voices Recordings.


UK Literacy Association

The United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) is a registered charity, which has as its sole object the advancement of education in literacy.