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One argument I used to have within English staff rooms was that based on graphic novels. Are they novels or comics? I think you know which side I would be on - I think the real query was ‘Are graphic novels really examples of good reading choices?’. The recent Observer / Cape Graphic Short Story Prize winner this year is around a very romantic narrative.

Greenberg, who is 23, graduated from the University of Brighton, where she studied illustration, last year. She is now working as a freelance illustrator, and trying to finish her first graphic novel. Her winning entry, Love in a Very Cold Climate, tells the story of a marriage – only this couple, a south pole dweller and a north pole dweller, will never be able to touch one another, surrounded as they are by a magnetic force field. It’s beautifully drawn, of course, from first to last frame, but it’s also exquisitely written. In particular, the judges admired the way Greenberg handles time, somehow capturing a shared lifetime in just four pages.

I love Audrey Niffenegger - The Time Traveler’s Wife is a top book in my eyes and she has also releasd a few novels “in pictures” as she calls them, The Three Incestuous Sisters and The Night Bookmobile which is on The Guardian site:


This is an area we do not have a lot on on EnglishEdu - I wondered if you wanted this to change? Is it part of an English curriculum in your school, or is it something you think should be left in the comic store?

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