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8. ELLB3 Exemplar Response Paragraphs Teacher Notes

Alice O'Connor | Thursday December 03, 2009


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Teacher Notes

ELLB3 Exemplar response paragraphs

Assessment Essay

How does Williams present the relationship between the two sisters in the following passage?

Scene 1

#Passage not reproduced due to copyright.

opening-[Stella comes quickly around the corner of the building and runs to the door of a downstairs flat.]
closing line- STELLA [sincerely]: Why, Blanche, you know that’s not true.

The exemplar paragraphs follow the Four Fold Response and show candidates how to respond in a concise way and still hit all the assessment objectives. It is important to highlight the following areas in a discussion after they have completed the essay.


  • Coupled adjectives to show awareness of character quickly and economically.
  • New Orleans/ Elysian Fields must be mentioned to show knowledge of setting.
  • Williams’ purposes must be initially addressed here. This is essential.

Interactional Features

  • Using words and phrases such as ‘certainly’ and ‘it is clear’ show confidence to the examiner
  • It is also essential to use anaphoric and cataphoric references to show a knowledge of the entire play. They only have one chance as there are no longer two passages in this module.
  • Using terminology is essential in this section of the essay.
  • The talk features test and notes can be used to ensure this occurs.

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