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A GCSE English Guide to Persuasive Writing Techniques

Sarah Mellor | Thursday November 21, 2013

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, AQA GCSE Pre-2015 Resources, AQA English, Unit 3 Creative Texts, AQA English Language , Unit 3 Understanding Texts and Creative Writing, Hot Entries, Writing, Persuasive Writing, Speech Analysis

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Identifying Persuasive Techniques and Analysing Persuasive Texts


The following lesson plan and resources are ideal for a one-off GCSE preparation lesson. The idea is to examine persuasive techniques and then answer a GCSE examination-style question on two persuasive texts, requiring students to compare the texts in terms of the audience and point of view of the writer.

You can use this resource in two ways:

  • Spread the tasks out over two or three lessons, possibly adding an evaluation task to see how well you, or the students themselves, feel they coped with the task.
  • Complete all the tasks in one lesson, using it as a starting point for your understanding of where the students are in terms of levels and then where they need to, and can, make progress on this topic.

The tasks are all written into a PowerPoint that designed for students who might have various learning difficulties (visual stress and dyslexia being two of the more common problems) with its student-friendly writing style and colour scheme.

Additional things to note:

  • With the above students in mind, you could photocopy the speeches (Barack Obama and Winston Churchill) onto coloured paper, making it easier for some students to read them.
  • You might want to photocopy the RNLI leaflet onto A3 paper, making it easier for students to highlight and make notes on and around the text.

Associated Resources

  • 1. Lesson Plan.docx
  • 2. Exploring Persuasion.pptx
  • 2a. Exploring Persuasion PPT Notes.docx
  • 3. Persuasive Reading Mat.docx
  • 4. Support Card Template.docx
  • 5a. RNLI Article.pdf
  • 5b. Barack Obama Speech.doc
  • 5c. Winston Churchill Speech.doc

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