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A Guide to Measure for Measure and Scheme of Work

Andrea Lewis | Wednesday August 03, 2011

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  1. A Guide to Measure for Measure | Act 1 + Scheme of Work
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  3. A Guide to Measure for Measure | Act 3
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  5. A Guide to Measure for Measure | Act 5

Act 1 and Scheme of Work

Why teach ‘Measure for Measure’?

Measure for Measure is certainly not the easiest of Shakespeare’s dramas nor is it probably one of the most popular choices when teachers are thinking about AS and A2 level specifications; however, the degree of challenge involved in teaching it is easily matched by the degree of satisfaction in teaching it when you have got to grips with this intriguing play. Students really do enjoy reading this play!

Currently, the play is a choice for teaching on several AS specifications and as a choice for coursework on the AQA A2 LITA4 Extended Essay and Shakespeare Study unit – as well as a choice for the wider reading element of LITA3. It also appears as a core text on the WJEC specification partnered with The Duchess of Malfi.

In terms of relevance, Measure for Measure has it all – political intrigue and corruption, sexual harassment, religious extremism, STDs… and not to mention the perennial problems of crime, punishment and the debate as to what constitutes a just society.

Clearly, it is possible to introduce the play to a class through a discussion of current affairs. Inevitably, news of political scandals abounds in the newspaper and as this guide is being written, the headline news is a continuing saga of tyrannical dictators, of their desire to remain in power and of their eventual fall from grace. To this can be added news of overcrowded prisons in Britain and of death row in the States – all issues illuminated by a reading of Measure for Measure. It can be useful to encourage a class discussion on some of these before a first reading or a first viewing of a performance or film version.

Teaching the Play

Ideally, there is nothing...

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