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A Level English Language ENGA1 Revision Guide

Beth Kemp | Saturday May 11, 2013

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  1. Introduction to ENGA1 Revision Guide
  2. ENGA1 Answering the Mode Question
  3. ENGA1 Mode Question June 2012
  4. ENGA1 Mode Question June 2012 Exemplar Response
  5. ENGA1 Mode Analysis Assessment Reminders
  6. ENGA1 Answering the CLA Question
  7. ENGA1 CLA Question June 2012
  8. ENGA1 CLA Question June 2012 Exemplar Response

This pack is to be used in conjunction with the ENGA1 paper set in June 2012, currently available on e-aqa under ‘secure key materials’. It will support exam preparation and practice in a structured and scaffolded way.

Although mock exams have a place, it is also helpful to offer supported practice rather than risking students either feeling incapable when first faced with a full paper, or producing work which falls considerably short. The philosophy behind this pack is simply to support students to help them to produce decent answers and to develop skills in approaching exam questions while doing so. The exemplar model answers and range of extracts for improvement will give students a focus to work on their skills.

Key Components

  • A prompts handout for each type of question on the paper (note that answers to written acquisition are very rare, so this pack addresses spoken acquisition only).
    • This is designed to help students to approach questions in a sensible and structured way, and could be used with other questions (once it’s been applied to this paper, students will be better able to use it with different texts and questions) to help build good habits. Better students could be invited to construct their own ways of approaching the paper, or could be asked to attempt it ‘cold’.
  • An exemplar answer for each type of question on the paper
    • These are model answers, to demonstrate a top-band response to the questions.
  • Extracts from less successful answers for AfL activities
    • These exemplify a range of typical errors to enable discussion of these issues and how to resolve them.
  • ENGA1 AO focus for Mode questions handout
    • This...

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