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A Teacher’s Guide to A Woman of No Importance

Christine Sweeney | Monday June 13, 2011

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Associated Resources

  • Part 1 - AWONI Teaching Guide.doc
  • Part 2 - AWONI Annotated Guide.docx
  • Part 3 - AWONI Teaching Guide.doc

Why you might like to teach this text!


A Woman of No Importance is a wonderful text to teach and your students will enjoy studying it.

It is short, it has an absorbing and convincing plot and its themes are easily recognised, interestingly explored and persuasively presented.

On top of this, Wilde is a fine and witty dramatist who uses his chosen form in fascinating ways not only, at the level of plot, to entertain but also, thematically, to explore in very persuasive ways, key aspects of late Victorian life that students still find of interest and relevance.

Perhaps one reason why the text has not been taught regularly by teachers is because there is a dearth of suitable teaching materials, guides and resources available for it. This three-part guide sets out to help rectify this by offering you detailed and accessible study materials, along with sources of further help and suggested teaching ideas.

We hope you find it helpful and useful – and above all else, we hope it saves you that precious thing that English teachers have so little of – time.

This EnglishEdu teacher’s guide to Oscar Wilde’s play ‘A Woman of No Importance’ is in three parts:

Part 1: A Teacher’s Guide

The first part of the guide contains study information for teachers on context, characters, themes, interpretation and critical reception.

Part 2: A Critically Annotated Playscript

This has been created by using Microsoft Word to add in a close critical commentary as annotations on a copy of the play itself. The annotations are aimed at the teacher rather than at students in the hope that they will save you time and pressure. The guide is designed to be easily editable and to allow you to create useful discussion, contextual and interpretative points while teaching the play in class.

The interpretations offered are...

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