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Analysing Two Versions of The Monkey’s Paw B

Jack Todhunter | Thursday July 23, 2009

Categories: Prose, Writing, Comparing & Contrasting, Prose Analysis

The Monkey’s Paw - Version B

W.W. Jacobs

Two versions of the same story…

  • One was written for children who find reading difficult.
  • What has changed?
  • Why?

The Monkey’s Paw

W.W. Jacobs (Version B)

The year was 1876. A fire burned brightly in the front room of Laburnum Villa. Outside, the weather was cold and wet. It was night time and Mr and Mrs White had drawn the curtains to try and keep out the draught.

“Just listen to that wind,? said Mr White to his son opposite. Father and son were enjoying a game of chess.

“I’m listening,? said his son, Herbert, as he moved his piece on the chessboard.

“That’s the worst of living out here,? said his father, “It’s too out of the way. The road can become a stream in weather like this. I don’t suppose he’ll come on a night like this!?

Mr White was talking about an old friend from the army. He was due to pay them a call. The Whites had not seen him for a long time and were very eager to have a chat about his adventures abroad.

“Never mind,? said Mrs White, “I don’t blame him for not coming on a night like this. He’d be half-drowned in this terrible weather!?

Suddenly, they heard a loud knock at the door. Mrs White almost jumped out of her skin. “Well I never,? she said, “Perhaps he’s coming after all!? She padded off down the hall to answer the door.

Mr White quickly started to tidy away the chess pieces and rose to his feet to welcome their visitor. As he did so, he could hear his wife chatting to the new arrival in the hallway.

In strode Sergeant-Major Morris. He was very tall. He had taken off his raincoat, but his face was still red and shiny from the heavy rain. He held out his hand and Herbert and his son shook it to welcome their visitor.

Mrs White entered behind him and showed the sergeant-major to a warm seat by the open fire. Herbert poured him a glass of whisky.

By his third glass, their visitor was quite thawed out and chatting merrily. He...

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