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Animal Farm Chapter 8

| Monday October 03, 2011



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  • The pigs keep changing the Commandments to justify their actions.
  • The animals work harder but eat less than before the revolution.
  • Napoleon’s trade with Frederick causes problems and the windmill is destroyed by humans.

The Use Of Propaganda

The Seven Commandments were written on the wall after the Battle of the Cowshed as a record of the aims of the rebellion.  As the novel progresses it becomes obvious that the Commandments are being altered.  The animals are so cowed that they fail to realise that this is happening & doubt the evidence of their own eyes.  Orwell uses irony here to show the reader that the animals are now so used to having others think for them that they even doubt the evidence of their own eyes.  There is a comic element to this episode – the animals standing round a dazed Squealer not understanding what they are seeing or connecting it with the alteration of the Seven Commandments. 

About this time there occurred a strange incident which hardly anyone was able to understand. [1] One night at about twelve o’clock there was a loud crash in the yard, and the animals rushed out of their stalls. It was a moonlit night. At the foot of the end wall of the big barn, where the Seven Commandments were written, there lay a ladder broken in two pieces. Squealer, temporarily stunned, was sprawling beside it, and near at hand there lay a lantern, a paint-brush, and an overturned pot of white paint. [2] The dogs immediately made a ring round Squealer, and escorted him back to the farmhouse as soon as he was able to walk. None of the animals could form any idea as to what this meant

, [3] except old Benjamin, who nodded his muzzle with a knowing air, and seemed to understand, but would say nothing.

[1] The lack of understanding shows that the animals no longer think for...

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