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AQA A Level ENGB2: Language and Gender Analysing The Apprentice

Sarah Battams | Monday March 31, 2014

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This guide provides a close analysis of a transcript from the TV series The Apprentice. Although this is a part of AQA ENGB1, the gendered aspect of language is a key part of most examination board syllabuses. This guide, therefore, will prove useful not only to teachers of AQA /B’ but also AQA ‘A’, WJEC, OCR and Edexcel.


The Apprentice is a BBC reality TV programme in which a group of candidates compete to win an investment in their own business from business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar. Each week the competitors are split into two groups to complete a different business challenge. To begin with, the groups are split into men versus women. Each team appoints a ‘project manager’ to lead the task, and if the team loses, that project manager must take two other team-member into the boardroom with them to face Lord Sugar’s questioning. Ultimately, one of the three will be ‘fired’ by Lord Sugar.

The filming follows the teams throughout the process and is, being a media text, highly edited; it is also combined with footage in which the candidates speak directly to the camera either about their own business prowess or their opinions of the abilities of other candidates. (These have been italicised in the transcript for clarity.)

The transcript below is taken from the first episode of series 9 (2013). The transcript covers about four minutes of the programme (split into two sections) and can be viewed on Youtube.

As a group, the candidates have met Lord Sugar in the boardroom, have been divided into men and women’s teams, project managers have volunteered themselves, and they are now in several taxis on their way to their first task: choosing a variety of different goods from a shipping container at the Port of Tilsbury, Essex, before attempting to sell them in and around London. As an audience, we are led to believe that this taxi journey will be the candidates’ first opportunity to...

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