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AQA AS Eng Lit Guide LITA 1b World War One Literature

jrichardson | Tuesday April 29, 2014

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Associated Resources

  • World War One Literature Scheme of Work.docx
  • Extract From Black’ell and Survivors.pdf
  • Group Task One WWI What I Know.docx

Resources for Exploring Wider Reading

This resource is designed to expose students to a wide range of WW1 Literature, intending to give them a broad and useful understanding and appreciation of the texts and their context. The texts selected in this scheme of work focus on the Poetry and Drama wider reading requirements of the Section A: Contextual Linking of AQA LTA1 examination. However, this resource can serve several purposes. The chosen texts and lessons find obvious use for AQA LIT1B wider reading but the detailed, lesson-by-lesson scheme of work (see associated resources) can also be used, for example, with high ability Year 9 students to develop their literary comparative essay writing and Unseen Poetry analytical skills, in preparation for AQA GCSE Literature Unit 2.

The following themes are covered in the chosen Poetry and Drama texts:

  • Camaraderie
  • Naivety of recruits
  • Death and Death as inevitable
  • Horrors of war
  • Patriotism
  • Heroism
  • Pity
  • Sacrifice
  • Loss
  • Futility
  • Change
  • Betrayal

The following Poetry and Drama texts are featured:

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Lesson One - WWI What I Already Know


  • To analyse the significance of 3 key wars prior to WWI
  • To identify key characteristics of WWI

Use the Group Task One WWI What I Know.docx and complete these tasks:

  1. Match the images with the wars, dates and maps
  2. Discuss the differences between the wars – use the images and facts to help you.
  3. Decide which war was the worst and why.
  4. Why is it important to know about the wars that came before WW1?
  5. Create a WW1 fact page with key pieces of information and images that are labelled.
  6. Explain why WW1 is considered such a tragic and disastrous war.

Lesson Two - ‘MCMXIV’ by Larkin


  • To understand the relative “innocence” of much of society before and at the...

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