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AQA English Language and Literature B – ELLB2

Steph Atkinson | Wednesday August 05, 2009

Categories: AQA A Level, AQA A Level English Language & Literature B, ELLB2

ELLB2 – Introduction

ELLB2 (Themes in Language and Literature) is the second unit of the new (2009) AQA English Language and Literature B course; it’s a coursework unit worth 40% of the student’s AS mark (i.e. 20% of the A-level). The key texts for this unit are two paired set prose texts selected from a list provided by AQA. For each set of paired texts, AQA prescribes annually one theme which candidates must use as the focus for their coursework. The coursework has two parts:

  • Part A: a response to the set theme in two selected extracts of 500-800 words each from the set texts, including some comparison (‘The Investigation’)
  • Part B: a creative response to either one or both of the set texts, which extends and enhances their discussion in Part A (‘The Creative Task’)

The paired set texts are offered for study until 2012. The current texts are:

Links between ELLB1 and ELLB2

Like ELLB1 (see the Englishedu guide Introduction to ELLB1), ELLB2 requires students to be familiar with the key concepts of genre, context, audience and purpose (‘G-CAP’), as well as with the analysis of written language. These aspects are covered in the Englishedu guides Introduction to ELLB1 and Introduction to ENGB1 (particularly the section entitled ‘G-CAP’).

ELLB1 requires knowledge of many of the literary terms and ideas familiar from GCSE English and English Literature, and introduces a new linguistically influenced approach to a range of literary and non-literary texts. ELLB2 equally uses this new linguistically influenced approach to inform its analysis of fiction and literary non-fiction. In this respect, the two units are symbiotic, as the frameworks which they use to examine texts are very similar. More detail on these frameworks and their use can be found throughout the Englishedu guide Introduction to ELLB1 (in particular in the section entitled ‘ELLB1 – Question 2 (Anthology Texts)’), and also in the Englishedu guide...

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