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AQA English Literature A – LTA1A Question 1 (Wider Reading)

Steph Atkinson | Tuesday August 18, 2009

Categories: AQA A Level, AQA A Level English Literature A, LTA1

LTA1A – Introduction to Wider Reading

LTA1A is entitled “Texts in Context?, and Question 1 of this examination module is known as the “Contextual Linking? or “Wider Reading? question. Candidates are presented with an unseen extract about an aspect of Victorian society or life and invited to compare it to their wider reading in the genres of prose, poetry and drama.

The technique of integrating wider reading into an analysis of an unseen text may be a new challenge to your students, and it is a skill which requires careful and extensive practice. The breadth of texts required also presents a challenge; therefore, this document considers what texts and approaches might be suitable for a wide range of abilities, and includes suggestions for students studying the minimum number of texts. Let us first remind ourselves of the requirements of LTA1A Question 1.

Question 1: Contextual Linking

LTA1A Question 1 consists of one compulsory question. Students are presented with a short extract from an unseen non-fiction text (such as a work of criticism, diary, letter, biography, or a cultural commentary, for example). Candidates will then be invited to link all their reading in their chosen area of Literature to the focus of the given passage [Taken from AQA Specification].

This section is work 45 marks and it is suggested that candidates spend 1 hour on this question.

The examination question will look similar to this:

LTA1A Question Paper (Generic)

1. Read the following extract carefully. It is taken from [author’s work published in year X]. [Author] was [information about life, career and date of extract]. Here s/he [description of non-fiction extract and its central theme].

How does the writer present his/her thoughts and feelings about aspects of Victorian life?

How far is the extract similar to and different from your wider reading in Victorian literature? You should consider the writers’ choice of form, structure and...

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