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AQA GCSE Eng Lit Paper 2: DNA Sample Paper and Response

| Wednesday September 11, 2013

Categories: Drama, DNA

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Ask pupils to look at the sample paper and consider how the candidate presents the information.


Lower Band Response

Phil is presented as the strong and silent type in the play. He ignores his girlfriend Leah most of the time as she can be extremely annoying and tries to get his attention by saying, ‘Phil,’ ‘Phil’ all the time. He keeps ignoring her and she tries to ‘kill’ herself. She also killed Jerry but Phil still ignores her. It does not seem like he is interested in her at all.
When they found out that Adam died Phil tells the others what to do. He is quite bossy and leads in this way. He asks Richard to take Brian to talk to the headteacher. Richard is not happy and says that he ‘hates’ Brian but Phil insists that he does it.

They learn that the postman they made up is real and that the police arrested him. They learn that Cathy showed ‘initiative’ and had found a postman fitting the description. Phil stays calm about this but he is making a plan and asks Richard to take Brian to talk to the police. Brian is not well and is starting to struggle with the stress of all this. Brian is clearly not ‘happy’ and Phil’s decisions are making him even more unhappy.  Brain does not want to go but Phil makes him go and said he will put him ‘on the grill’ if he does not. Phil becomes a fearful leader who intimidates everyone and this makes people unhappy.

The situation becomes more difficult. Adam is discovered but Phil tells Cathy to sort him out. Phil is not the sort of leader who will do things himself he keeps asking others to do it and they don’t seem to mind at the time, but later on suffers the consequences. However, Leah did mind and she ended up leaving Phil. Phil does not cope well and he is not...

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