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AQA GCSE Eng Lit Paper 2: Lord of the Flies Lessons 10-16

| Monday September 09, 2013


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Lesson Ten Chapter 7 – Shadows and Tall Trees

Learning Objective

  • By the end of the lesson pupils will evaluate the changing relationship between Ralph and Jack (AO1) and they will begin to recognise how Golding employs natural imagery to foreshadow later events and danger. (AO2)

Starter Activity

Ask pupils to write a short paragraph – using your notes from the previous lesson reflect on how Golding presents Jack and Ralph in a contrasting way. Remind pupils that they need to use PEEL paragraphs throughout the response. Ask pupils to peer assess the piece and reflect on what went well and what will be even better if. Consolidate and share ideas.


As the boys are on their quest to find the beast they start hunting a pig. What is significant about their behaviour? They are unsuccessful in their attempt to kill the pig. What does Ralph become aware off when he states ‘hunting is good after all’? He was surprised at how the others started to respect him; however, they admired Jack’s injury more. What is interesting about the power struggle between Jack and Ralph? What does Ralph become aware of during this struggle re: how Jack struggles to cope if he is not leading.


How is their role play and enactment of the hunt significant and how does it emphasise the fact that there is a thin line between savagery and being civilised. How does Ralph’s behaviour change? What is the impact of the mob-effect?

The boys’ behaviour become very primitive and they chant the following line:

“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!?

Explore what the quote is suggesting regarding the boys’ attitude towards life in general....

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