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AQA GCSE Eng Lit Paper 2: Lord of the Flies Sample Paper & Response

| Tuesday September 10, 2013


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Share the exam type question, taken from the AQA sample assessment materials, with pupils. Ask pupils to highlight key ideas and discuss. Pupils need to use their notes to respond to the question.

William Golding: Lord of the Flies - Do you think Piggy is an important character in Lord of the Flies?

Write about:

  • how Golding presents the character of Piggy
  • how Golding uses Piggy to present ideas about people and society.

[30 marks]

Sample essays can be shared with pupils before they do their own essays. Ask pupils how the first essay can be improved and why the second essay is a more suitable response. What can they learn from this and how can they incorporate these skills into their own writing?


Lower Grade

Piggy is presented at the start of the novel as an annoying boy who was looked after his Aunt and has asthma. Ralph is nice to him but also finds him annoying when he is talking so much and Ralph is trying to have fun at the start of the novel. Piggy is worried about his asthma and also about being on the island. The two boys notice a shell in the water and Piggy tells Ralph that it is a ‘conch’ and explains that it is very valuable. Piggy knows a lot of stuff and is useful as he tells Ralph what he can do with it.

When the boys are calling a meeting Piggy starts making lists of who the boys are and gets information from them. This is helpful and when the fire gets out of hand he is able to point out that the boy with the birthmark is missing. However, Piggy often talks a lot and he is often told to ‘shut up’. Ralph gets cross with him sometimes but Piggy is a good friend and does not give up on Ralph. When the dance gets out of hand...

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