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AQA GCSE Eng Lit Paper 2: The History Boys Sample Questions

Shirley Bierman | Thursday January 30, 2014


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Sample Question on ‘The History Boys’ for AQA GCSE

AQA: Paper 2: Modern Texts and Poetry

  • 2hrs 15 minutes for whole exam
  • 96 marks
  • 60% of GCSE

There will be a choice of two questions but pupils have to answer only ONE from Section A on this play. In this sample question and response only one question has been selected from the paper to use with pupils in the class for their exam practice.

This has been taken from the Specimen Material from AQA GCSE English Literature 8702/2

  • Specimen Material
  • Mark Scheme

Further sample exam questions can be found in our Assessment Pack in Guide Navigation.

AO4 will be assessed in Section A. There are 4 marks available for AO4 in addition to the 30 marks for the question itself. AO4 assesses the following skills:

  • Punctuation and spelling is accurate
  • Consistent use of vocabulary and sentence structures to achieve effective control of meaning.

Exam Practice

How does Bennett present some of the different attitudes to school in The History Boys? [30 marks]

Write about:

  • What different characters’ attitudes are to school
  • How Bennett presents attitudes to school by the way he writes

This question allocates the 30 marks in the following way:

  • AO1 = 12
  • AO2= 12
  • AO3 = 6
  • AO4 = 4

Make sure pupils are familiar with the assessment objectives and put them onto the IWB for pupils to focus upon before beginning any type of exam practice essay plus print out for pupils to stick into their books see page 7/page 8 on this link.

In all exam essays, pupils must remember to spend the first five minutes or so planning some of their ideas before starting to write their response; all written responses need to fulfil AO1-AO4 and use PEEL.

Sample Plan

  • Highlight the words present, different attitudes and school in the...

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