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AQA GCSE English Language P2 Perspectives Mark Scheme Travel Section B

ghallahan | Sunday May 31, 2015

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, AQA GCSE English Language 2015, Paper 2: Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives

Section B

‘Modern technology might have made the systems for travel better than ever; but the experience of travelling is now the worst it’s ever been.’

Write an article for a travel magazine in which you argue for or against this statement.

(24 marks for content and organisation and 16 marks for technical accuracy)

Level Skills - Upper and Lower

Lower Level 1

My opinion is that travelling thinks it is the worst its been and travelling now is discusting and awful and always a not nice experience because their is nothing but aggro on public transport.

I think busses are and it isn’t right. If you get on a bus you could end up sitting next to a tramp or a murderer. There are alot of weirdos around.

Would you want to sit next to an axe murderer? Or do you want to stay at home?

Upper Level 1

Travelling is something we all have to do just to get by in everyday life, so should travelling be so awful for us to have to get from a to b?

No, it should not, the argument may be that you just have to put up with it because there isn’t an alternative but people need to take responsibility for their actions and stop being so rude when they’re on busses and trains.

Being rude is never okay and people need to stop being rude and nasty to the other passengers because the reality of life is that we can’t all stay at home all day.

Lower Level 2

I don’t agree with the statement because travel is good and bad. ‘modern technology might have made the systems for travel better than ever; but the experience of travelling is the worst it has ever been’ because travelling is much better today than it was before before there was loads of problems and people had walked everywhere and horses.

Nothing about technology has made travel bad and technology has made cars and trains and they’re is no reason why it is bad.

To conclude, the statement is wrong because travel is better because of technology, it hasn’t got worse.


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