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AQA GCSE English Language P2 Perspectives Travel Moderation

ghallahan | Sunday May 31, 2015

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, AQA GCSE English Language 2015, Paper 2: Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives

This resource takes two Language Paper Two extracts, and provides exemplar answers for every question, and every band, along with helpful explanations of how to interpret the mark scheme.

This could be used in a number of ways

Department Moderation

See video links to examiner talking you through this paper

  • As a mock paper for your whole cohort to sit, and the exemplar responses will mean that department marking will be accurate and consistent

In Class

  • In class when going through different responses to really focus on the difference between level two and three, and three and four, for students who struggle to see how to get their responses to the ‘next level’

Department discussion

  • In staff training, when trying to ensure accuracy in marking, and an in depth understanding of the paper

As a department, I would suggest training could include:

  • All staff sitting the paper themselves
  • Collaboratively writing ‘full mark answers’ using the indicative content and the exemplars
  • Discussing the differences between the levels in the mark scheme, and consider the skills of individual students to focus on where marks are lost, and forensically analyse where students are going wrong and dropping marks

As a teacher, I would suggest lessons could include:

  • Giving all PARTS of all four levels of responses and asking students to rank them in order
  • Focussing on the phrasing of level three and four responses and picking phrases to use themselves
  • Take a level three/four response as an example, and then write their own response using a different point
  • Rewriting question two to focus on another part of the text, and then setting that question, allowing the model example to be used to scaffold response

Please print out the exam paper and text from the main page

Although there are lots of debates about Question 1 we will start on this moderation exercise at Question 2. The Mark scheme supplies the marking guidelines for each question.

Question 2


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