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AQA GCSE English Language Mark Scheme Paper 2 Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 04, 2016


Mark Scheme


The information provided for each question is intended to be a guide to the kind of answers anticipated and is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive

All appropriate responses should be given credit.

  • Where literary or linguistic terms appear in the Mark Scheme, they do so generally for the sake of brevity.
  • Knowledge of such terms other than those given in this specification is not required.
  • However, when determining the level of response for a particular answer, examiners should take into account any instances where the student uses these terms effectively to aid the clarity and precision of the argument.

Level of response marking instructions

  • Level of response mark schemes are broken down into four levels. There are two, three, four five or six marks in each level, dependent upon the question.

Please note: The sample responses in each Indicative Standard/Content Descriptor column are not intended to be complete, full or model answers. Instead, they are there as a guide, to provide you with part of an answer, an indicative extract of a response at the required level. If a student was to continue to develop a response at that standard, they would gain a mark at that level.

Step 1 Determine a level;

  • Start at the lowest level of the mark scheme and use it as a ladder to see whether the answer metes the descriptor for that level.
  • The descriptor for the level indicates the different qualities that might be seen in the student’s answer for that level.
  • If it meets the lowest level then go on to the next one and decide if it meets this level, and so on until you have a match between the level descriptor and the answer.
  • With practice and familiarity you will find that for better answers you will be able to quickly skip through the lower levels of the mark scheme.

Step 2 Determine a mark

  • Once you have assigned a level you need to decide on the mark.
  • You may well need to read back through the answer as you apply...

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