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AQA GCSE English Literature

Richard Gent | Tuesday October 03, 2017

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Our teaching materials are used in two thirds of the top schools. Our resources empower teachers to plan effectively, assess accurately and teach with confidence. As a non-subscriber you will be able to see a preview of the resources. To access them in full click on Subscribe now.

Edusites Teacher Guides to GCSE English Language and Literature

Edusites Teacher Guide to Revision of GCSE English Language and Literature

AQA GCSE English Literature

Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel

Assessment Pack


The 19th Century Novel

Paper 2: Modern Texts and Poetry

Assessment Pack

Modern Texts


Unseen Poetry Anthology Pack

Our Unseen Poetry Anthology Pack includes 30 poems includes examiner tips and exam questions along with a general introduction, discussion points and teaching tips for each poem.

Unseen Poetry Revision

Unseen Poetry Scheme

Our schemes for the new GCSEs have been developed by experienced English teachers who have been closely guided by the new specs and are aware of the need for progress and differentiation. These schemes have been reviewed and edited after feedback from external moderators to ensure that they deliver exactly you require. A lesson-by-lesson focus on assessment objectives ensures that there are close links to the AOs throughout the scheme and skills based learning objectives mean that progress can be shown. The schemes include a wide range of activities to increase engagement and attainment and ensure that all learners are catered for.

Thorough preparation of your students for the new linear GCSE exams is essential. Our Assessment Packs include trial papers, mark schemes and support notes. These resources have been developed by experienced English assessors with extensive awarding body experience and by people who were very closely involved in the development of these new specifications. Our materials have been thoroughly reviewed and edited after feedback from independent scrutineers to ensure they are both authentic and accurate.

Our Teacher Guides with graduated examples on Understanding Context, Developing a Personal View and How to Compare and Contrast have been written and moderated by examiners and contain a series of examiner tips. A Glossary of Frequently Used Terms in GCSE has also been published.

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