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AQA GCSE English Unit 1 Higher Tier Guide and Exemplar Responses

| Monday April 28, 2014

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AQA Unit 1: Understanding and Producing Non-Fiction Texts

When answering this paper it is important to remember that Section A is designed to support you and help your written pieces in Section B. It often offers ideas regarding the key topics covered and it provides you with valuable information such as statistics or facts to help you in your responses. Even more importantly, it can remind you of the genre and style conventions. For example, if you are asked to write an article, you can quickly look back to one of the articles in Section A to remind you of the kind of style and features you need to use in your own writing.

In the exam, some of you might choose to tackle Section B first – especially if you know that you are a strong talented writer and have a good number of ideas; however, just remember that if you do opt to do section B first, you will need to stick to the time limits outlined in the section. If you spend more time on Section B than you need to, you might run the risk that you won’t finish the paper within the time limit. Make sure that you keep an eye of the time at all times. A good tip is to divide the marks available for the question by the time you have – this will show you how long you’ve got “per mark?, and if you overrun this figure at all, you know you are risking running out of time for the remaining questions! More marks are lost each year in this way than any other.

So, with English Language Unit 1 paper you need to make sure that you use your time effectively:

For Section A you have 1 hour and 15 minutes in which you need to work your way through a range of questions. There are 3 sources which you need to work through overall: source 1 is linked to question one, source 2 to question 2 and source 3 to question 3.  Common sense suggests that you should read through source 1 and then respond to source 1’s question and so on; however, always remember that Question 4...

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