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AQA Unit 3b: Creative Writing Teacher’s Guide Script Writing

Sarah Mellor | Wednesday April 16, 2014

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, Writing, Script Writing, AQA English, Unit 3 Creative Texts, AQA English Language , Unit 3 Understanding Texts and Creative Writing

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Lesson Plan for Script Writing.doc
Script Writing Grid.doc
Script Writing - Presentation Feedback Grid.doc
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The resources contained here are designed for students studying GCSE English (focused on the AQA Boards Specification). The resources are designed primarily for students of lower ability as well as with specific special educational needs; however, as this unit is skills and practice based the ideas and guides can easily be adapted for general use. The exam boards’ only differentiation concession is to create a Higher and Foundation Tier paper each series; they do not specifically cater to students who struggle to access the basics in English – so many teachers feel they face something of a dilemma.

Do we stick to teaching only the basics, and then wonder why our lower ability students do less well in their exams? Or do we teach them more specifically the vocabulary they need to know and how to use it effectively?

The various sections in this Unit (‘Script Writing – The Basics’, ‘Script Writing – Using Language techniques’, ‘Script Writing – Analysis and Improvement’ and ‘Script Writing – Identifying Assessment Objectives’) are designed to enable students with visual stress and dyslexia to read the information more easily, and the information contained in the guide should be taught in conjunction with discussions and example creation.

Also included in the Unit are various downloadable documents containing resources which will support the students’ basic learning and development before they tackle the actual CA. The documents include a lesson plan for an observation that I had whilst doing this Unit with a group of 15 students, mainly low ability boys. Hopefully, it will provide some additional guidance as you tackle the unit!

How and When to Use the Resources in this Unit

Start the unit with the students using Script Writing – The Basics...

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