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Blade Runner Film Review Assignment

Jack Todhunter | Wednesday July 22, 2009



An English Media Assignment

Film Review by ………………..

Blade Runner

Look at the advertisement for the film below. Who are the central characters and who are they played by?

Which other characters in the film caught your eye? Why?

What type or genre of film is Blade Runner? You can look at the information below which was taken from the DVD.

Who directed the film? This person has made some changes to the original film that was shown in the cinemas in 1982. What do you think the director has done to it?

The film was based on a novel. What was the name of the novel and who wrote it?

Rick Deckard is a Blade Runner. What exactly is a Blade Runner? What is their job? Would you like to do it for a living?

Look closely again at two scenes from the film and say how the director has presented them. You might like to comment on the atmosphere of the scenes. What emotions do they stir in the audience? Would you have made any changes if you were reshooting the scenes?

Why does Rachael run off after the test session done by Deckard?

In one scene, Rick phones Rachael and the telephone number begins with 555. Why do all telephone numbers in American films start with these same three numbers? 

How did you react to the scene on the roof near the end of the film when Roy Batty, the replicant dies next to Deckard?

Why does Deckard run off with Rachael at the end of the film?

Look at the BBC website:


What does this tell you about Deckard?

What did you think of the movie soundtrack?

Some critics did not like the film at all. They said it should have been called “Blade Crawler?. Why do you think they said this?

Did you enjoy the film? Why? Why not?

How many marks would you give the film out of ten?

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