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Cambridge IGCSE 9–1 English Literature 0477 Paper 3 Prose Exam Questions

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 16, 2018


Answer one question, either Question 1 or Question 2.


Question 2

Read carefully prose extract A and prose extract B describing events in school life.

Compare the ways in which both writers vividly portray accidents in these two extracts.

In your answer you should comment closely on the effects of language, style and form and how contexts are suggested by the writing.

To help you answer this question, you might consider:

  • How both writers introduce characters set the scene of the accidents
  • The ways in which the writers present the detail of the events
  • The impressions the writers create of the omlookers’ experiences of the accidents

[40 marks, including 7 marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar.]


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