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Cambridge IGCSE First Lang Eng Paper 2: Reading Passages Scheme (Extended)

Paul Merrell | Monday June 29, 2015

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  • iGCSE Overview

    When thinking about Paper 1 (Core) or Paper 2 (Extended) it is probably most helpful, for those of us who have been in teaching for some time, to think about them in terms of Foundation and Higher tiers. Paper 1 (Core) caters for those candidates who may be expecting grades between C-G, whereas Paper 2 (Extended) is aimed at those aiming for A-E. Certainly, Paper 1 (Core) has an extremely structured format to its questions and candidates with less security in English reading skills may find that style very supportive.

    For Paper 2 (Extended), your pupils will be expected to produce three responses based on two passages which would usually have a broadly similar topic. It is recommended that they spend 15 minutes reading the two passages. Passage A – on which candidates will produced a piece of directed writing in character using the material they have gleaned and then analyse, as directed, two specific paragraph- will be around 650–750 words. Passage B –which candidates will be expected to summarise - will be around 600 words.

    How is this Assessed?

    For 0500, Paper 2 is, overall, marked out of 50 and is worth 50% of the final grade English Language. The second 50% will be made up by either Paper 3 (Directed Writing) or Component 4 (Coursework Portfolio).

    Please note: For 0522, this is slightly different. As Speaking and Listening is a compulsory element of 0522 (worth 20%), the other two elements are reduced to 40% each.

    That mark out of 50 breaks down as follows:

    • Question 1 is marked out of 15 for Reading and 5 for Writing.
    • Question 2 is marked out of 10 for Reading.
    • Question 3 is marked out of 15 for Reading and 5 for Writing.

    You can find the grade descriptors marking grid...

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