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CIE English Language Reading 0627 9-1 Passage C Exam Questions

Richard Gent | Thursday May 10, 2018


Read carefully Passage B ‘The devastating floods of last winter could hit England again unless government funding cuts to flood defence budgets are reversed’, and Passage C ‘The hidden and remarkable story of why devastating floods keep happening’.

Then answer Questions 3(a), 3(b) and 3(c).

Question 3(a)

Re-read the final paragraph ‘The policy manager…. upstream’ (lines 28-30)

  • What does the writer mean by the phrase ‘dredging to speed up water flow’.

[1 Mark]

  • Give two reasons why this is effective as a closing paragraph to this article.

[2 Marks]

Passage C: ‘The hidden and remarkable story of why devastating floods keep happening’

Question 3(b)

Re-read paragraph one, ‘We all know…. too much public spending’.

  • What does the writer mean by the word dwarfed’ in line 3?

[1 Mark]

  • Pick out a short phrase from lines 7 – 10 ‘Flood defence…..small part of the story’ which gives an example of this.

[1 Mark]

Question 3(c)

Compare and contrast how the writers of Passage B The devastating floods and Passage C The hidden and remarkable story portray the causes of flooding and what needs to be done about it.

In your response you should compare and contrast:

  • The views and ideas each writer presents to the reader
  • The evidence that the writers use to support their ideas and views and how reliable it is
  • The language, structure and techniques used by the writers and why they are effective.

Remember to support your answer with details from the passages.

You should write about 300–350 words.




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