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Compare the ways in which Plath and Duffy use language to convey the theme of anger

Beth Kemp | Thursday May 26, 2011


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Both Plath and Duffy express attitudes towards the theme of anger, through the use of language.  Both poets’ ideas though are conveyed in different ways.  Plath expresses her emotions through reference from her own experiences which have given her inspiration, but with Duffy, she uses the persona of other people to explore deeper meaning and individual thoughts.

The poems I have chosen for this essay exemplify a range of views and each one utilises poetic techniques to create certain effects on the reader.  The reader can then make their own interpretations of them.

In Tulips Plath describes how she is lying in a hospital bed feeling angry at the fact that the tulips are “too excitable? for her.  Basically Plath wants to lie there and forget the world, because she sees it as her time for reflection but the tulips are so full of life, through the use of colour, that they are becoming a distraction for her.  The themes which are being portrayed here are hate and anger towards the flowers, there are also some elements of nature with references to “rivers?, “animals? and the “sea?.  The theme of illness is also present as well.

The second poem I looked at by Plath was Daddy.  Anger is a key element to this poem too, because she is full of hatred towards her father.  This is because she considers his death to be a waste and she feels let down by him, therefore making her feel bitter with resentment.  We as the outsider looking in, get the impression that she is also angry at him dying, as he was a very clever man and should have known better.  She expresses openly her memories of him and what he’s missed out on in...

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