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Controlled Assessment Titles for AQA GCSE English Language 4705 Spec

Richard Gent | Thursday January 07, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Assessment

I have been teaching English 19 years and recently changed from lecturing in a college to key stage learners in a secure unit. We have students come and go at all stages throughout the year and I currently have 3 that need to do some controlled assessments from the AQA GCSE English Language 4705 spec. The problem is, I have little experience of designing the controlled assessments titles. Always being part of a massive team in the past, I delivered the exam prep and colleagues took other parts of the course. My new workplace has no other staff member with the slightest idea about English at any level, so I am worried my titles are not suitable. Would you be able to look over what my titles are and advise if I am on the correct lines? Are these acceptable/suitable? Unit 3A Explore the ways writers present strong ideas / feelings. My title: Explore how Steinbeck presents the values feelings of loneliness and shattered dreams. Unit 3B Task 1 Use a colour as the inspiration for a piece of writing. Do I select a set colour for every student? Could it be a creative prompt like below? My title: The clouds parted…all that could be seen for miles was…...... Unit 3B Task 2 Produce a piece of writing inspired by a genre of film. Leave this open to the students, one wants to do futuristic after watching Avatar. Could they do a sequel to the original story they watched? Thank you so much. Kind regards, Amanda

The first one is great for OMnM though you can do only one aspect so in effect you could split this into two assessments and let the learners decide which one they would prefer to do. As for the colour…they can choose. Film - they can do a sequal or take an event or aspext from the film and write their story. Hope it all works out… I love controlled assessments… Shame they are not part of the criteria anymore. Deborah Scarborough

I would make the assessments much more specific so that you can help your students as much as you can in the...

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