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Edexcel English Language Non Fiction Reading Anthology | Contents of Extracts

pdodd | Friday January 01, 2016


Contents of Extracts


A. A newspaper article on the crisis in Rwanda - 1994
B. A newspaper article on the size of the Old Age Pension - 1954
C. A series of letters on poor children being offered scholarships - 1911
D. A speech by Nelson Mandela on Poverty - 2005
E. A website article on surviving life on benefits - 2012
F. A newspaper article on the plight of a jobless mother - 2014

Sport and Entertainment

A. A newspaper article on the opening of Disneyland - 1955
B. A newspaper article on an epic tennis match played at Wimbledon - 1969
C. An obituary of the racing driver, Ayrton Senna - 1994
D. A newspaper article describing a visit to a Theme Park - 2012
E. A newspaper profile looking at Lewis Hamilton - 2007
F. An extract from the autobiography of Bradley Wiggins - 2012

War and Espionage

A. An extract from the diary of Nella Last - 1943
B. A letter from the First World War from Captain Noel Chavasse - 1916
C. A speech by Winston Churchill on the threat of invasion - 1940  
D. Speech by Tony Blair on the Iraq War - 2003
E. A website profile of an Afghanistan war veteran - 2016
F. Eyewitness Accounts in a newspaper article of Woolwich Attack - 2013


A. A newspaper article on the Manchester flu epidemic - 1918
B. An article from the New York Times on prohibition - 1920
C. The Guinea Pig Anthem -1944
D. An extract from the World Food Programme website on Mogadishu mothers - 2011
E. An extract from Adam Pearson on his disfigurement - 2014
F. A newspaper article on the issue of teenage obesity - 2011


A. An extract from an autobiography of a grammar school girl - 1952
B. An extract from an autobiography of a young boy attending boarding school - 1967
C. An extract from an autobiography of a girl’s experiences in World War Two - 1940
D. An extract from a pupil on his school day - 2014
E. A newspaper article on child workers in sweatshops - 2008
F. An article from an online newspaper on the age children are...

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