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Edexcel GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Poetry Anthology Conflict Collection

Shane Richardson | Tuesday June 16, 2015

Categories: KS4, EDEXCEL GCSE, Edexcel GCSE English Literature 2015, Component 2: 19th Century Novel and Poetry since 1789, Component 2: 19th Century Novel and Poetry since 1789 Schemes, Hot Entries, Poetry, Anthologies, Edexcel Anthology, Edexcel Conflict Cluster, Blake, A Poison Tree, Carson, Belfast Confetti, Casey, The Class Game, Clarke, Catrin, Hardy, The Man He Killed, Lord Byron, The Destruction of Sennacherib, Rossetti, Cousin Kate, Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Wordsworth, The Prelude, Zephaniah, No Problem, Writing, Poetry Analysis

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  • Edexcel GCSE English Literature Component 2: 19th-century Novel & Poetry since 1789 Assessment Pack

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  • How to Deconstruct a Poem.pdf
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How is this unit assessed?

  • A 2 hour 15 minute written examination.
  • It counts for 50% of the GCSE English Literature qualification.

Overview of the Unit Content

This unit asks students to study a 19th century novel and a poetry collection from the Pearson anthology. 

The Aims of the Unit

This unit is designed to assess, and provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their skills in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate skills to analyse how the language, form, structure and context of texts can create meanings and effects.
  • Demonstrate a critical style and informed personal response to texts.
  • Show comparative skill.

Section A

Section A of the paper will focus on the 19th Century novel that students have studied. The exam will take the form of a two part question, with the first section focused on an extract. The second part of the question will draw out students knowledge of the whole text.

Section B

Part 1 of Section B will take the form of a question comparing a named poem from the anthology to another from that collection. Part 2 will be a question comparing two unseen and contemporary poems.

The total number of marks available for the paper is 80.

This is a closed book examination.

The Focus of the Scheme of Learning

This scheme of learning is intended to achieve three different outcomes. Firstly, it is manifestly important that students have the opportunity to engage with the poetry in the collection for its own sake. This scheme focuses on the Conflict cluster and each of the poems present a variety of complex and challenging ideas and styles. In turn, and in keeping with the ethos of the new specifications, it is important that students are able to experience the poems for what they are. The second aim of the unit is to provide...

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