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Edexcel GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Pride and Prejudice Scheme Lessons 7-12

leaves | Friday April 03, 2015


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  2. Edexcel GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Pride and Prejudice Scheme Lessons 7-12
    • Edexcel GCSE English Literature Component 2: 19th-century Novel & Poetry since 1789 Assessment Pack

Lesson Seven – Character Analysis & Theme (Mr Collins, Lady de Bourgh & Social Rank

Learning Objective

By the end of the lesson:

  • Students will have an understanding of the relationship between Mr Collins, Lady de Bourgh and social rank. (AO1)
  • Students will analyse and evaluate Austen’s use of social satire in her characterisation of Mr Collins and Lady de Bourgh. (AO2)
  • Students will develop a personal response to the novel, using suitable quotations to support their ideas(AO1)

Starter Activity

Tell students that Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a social satire. It makes fun of the way characters behave and speak in social situations through the use of irony. Mr Collins and Lady de Bourgh are good examples of characters that appear to occupy a superior social position but whose behaviour is inferior and even repellent. They are at the centre of the social satire in the novel.

Show students the following clip from the 1995 BBC version of the novel:

What are your first impressions of Mr Collins and Lady de Bourgh? How might Austen use them to satirise different levels of the gentry in early 19th-century society?


Separate the class into two halves. The first half will read Mr Collins’s letter to Mr Bennett (Chapter 13). Students will discuss the following questions in pairs:

  • What do you think Mr Collins is like? Select suitable quotations to support your response.
  • What do we learn about his relationship with Lady de Bourgh?
  • How do Elizabeth and Mr Bennett’s reaction to the letter affect our view of Mr Collins? Consider the extract below:

‘’He must be an oddity, I think,’ said she. ‘I cannot make him out. – There is something very pompous in...

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