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Edexcel GCSE English Language Edusites Practice Paper One Mark Scheme

Richard Gent | Monday April 07, 2014


Section A Reading

Question 1

AO1: Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas

  • ‘all I have to keep mother and myself with’.
(1 mark)

Question 2

AO1: Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas

Accept any reasonable answer based on lines 7 -10, up to a maximum of 2 marks:

Quotations and candidate’s own words are acceptable.

  • the way he speaks shows he is upset: ‘he said listlessly’/ ‘he said slowly’
  • he asks her to stop smuggling: ‘you will not give the business up?’
  • ‘I would rather sweep the streets’
  • ‘what is money without a clear conscience’
(2 marks)


In responses to the question, examiners should be aware of the different ways candidates may structure their responses. There should be sufficient evidence analysing both language and structure to reward responses. Responses that are unbalanced cannot access Level 2 or above, where analysis of both language and structure is required.

Question 3

Reward responses that explain how the writer uses language and structure to show Lizzie’s defence of her trade as a smuggler

Responses may include the following points about the language of the text:

  • As this develops Hardy very subtly moves her diction on from what appears to be logical earlier ‘My conscience is clear’ through increasingly emotional diction which shows us the more colloquial roots of the way she speaks: ‘know to do ‘ithout it’ ,‘whether it do blow or not’, look out o’window’ and so on as she the words of her defence tumble out of her mouth.
  • As it progresses we see that despite their strong feelings and attraction for each other their relationship is doomed. Her fervour for the smuggling trade exceeds any other emotion however strong a rival that may be. Some candidates may also see that it implies how utterly dull and mundane her life would otherwise be and therefore why she (rightly) implores Stockdale to renounce ‘that...

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