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Eduqas English Language C2 19th/21st Century Non-Fiction Spiritualism Mark Scheme

ghallahan | Saturday November 14, 2015

Categories: KS4

Edusites Specimen Paper

2 hours

Additional Materials

  • Resource Material for use with Section A.
  • A 12 page answer book.

Instructions to Candidates

  • Use black ink or black ball-point pen.
  • Answer all questions in Sections A and B
  • Write your answers in the separate answer book provided.

You are advised to spend your time as follows:

Section A

  • about 10 minutes reading
  • about 50 minutes answering the questions

Section B spend 30 minutes on each question

  • about 5 minutes planning
  • about 25 minutes writing your work

Information for Candidates

  • Section A (Reading): 40 marks
  • Section B (Writing): 40 marks

The number of marks is given in brackets at the end of each question or part-question.

Section A: 40 Marks

Answer all of the following questions

The separate Resource Material is the extract “Sally Psychic Charade? from an English website 2015 and the The Writer’s experience of the spiritualist David Home? written by Sviatoslav Richter written in 1869.

Read the passage from “The Writer’s experience of the spiritualist David Home? written by Sviatoslav Richter in the separate Resource Material.

Question A1 (3 marks)

  • (a) What musical instrument was in the back parlour? [1 mark]
  • Piano
  • (b) What light was in the room? [1 mark]
  • fire/lamp/candles
  • (c) Name the person who owned the house they went to. [1 mark]
  • Mrs Thayer

Question A2 (10 marks)

  • The writer tries to convince us that the events were caused by a ghost, how does he do this?  [10 marks]

You should comment on:

  • what he says to influence readers
  • his use of language and tone
  • - the way he presents his argument
  • Emphasis that there was no involvement from Home/repetition that Home was not interfering or intervening in the supernatural occurrences.
  • Circular narrative- begins with the assertion that the guest was a ‘non-believer’ and then ends with the comment that he is now a believer.
  • The use of ‘perfectly’ implies that the light could not be criticised, and therefore they were...

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