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Eduqas GCSE English Language Sample Component 2 General Marking Guidelines

Richard Gent | Monday November 13, 2017


Mark Scheme and Indicative Content.

General Marking Guidelines to be used by teachers.

Marking should always be positive, rewarding achievement rather than failure. Marks must always be linked to the marking criteria and in marking the attached paper, markers should use the Generic Assessment Objectives Grid available from the relevant Awarding Body as the base point and the indicative content for each task (see Associated Resources in New WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Language Sample Component 2 Indicative Content).

When awarding a mark, decide the most appropriate band/level for the work first, then where it sits within the band/level in the Generic Assessment Objectives Grid.

  • Where the work covers the descriptors in the band/level convincingly the highest mark should be awarded.
  • Where the work covers the descriptors in the band/level adequately the middle range mark(s) should be awarded.
  • Where the work just meets the descriptors the lowest mark should be awarded.

Remember always try to use the full range of marks. Do not be frightened to give full marks if it is appropriate.

The indicative comment for each answer, where applicable, gives areas that candidates may well include in their responses. This is not a checklist and alternative responses could well be valid and teachers should use their professional judgement to decide whether these are appropriate. All appropriate responses should be given credit.

In certain comparative sections, balanced responses will be expected. Where responses are unbalanced candidates will be penalised across the Assessment Objectives in the generic grids.

For the GCSE English Language specification the following assessment objectives apply.

For Reading, Assessment Objectives AO1, AO2, AO3 and AO4 apply.

For Writing, Assessment Objectives AO5 and AO6 apply.

Reading - 50%

AO1 - Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas. Select and synthesise evidence from different texts.


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