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Eduqas Question Paper GCSE English Language 20th Century Reading and Creative Prose Writing

Richard Gent | Saturday January 25, 2014


Edusites GCSE English Language

Component One 20th Century Literature Reading and Creative Prose Writing

1 hour 45 minutes

Instructions to Candidates

Use black ink or black ball point pen.

Answer all questions in Section A.

Select one title to use for your writing in Section B.

You are advised to spend your time as follows:

Section A

  • about 10minutes reading
  • about 50 minutes answering the questions

Section B

  • about 10 minutes planning
  • about 35 minutes writing

Information for Candidates

  • Section A(Reading): 40 marks
  • Section B (Writing): 40 marks

Section A (Reading): 40 marks

The number of marks is given at the end of each question or part question

Question A1   Read lines 1-9

  • List two of the ‘foreign bodies’ that have been fed to zoo animals
  • List three of the species that have died from this practice




Question A2   Read lines 1-17

  • How does the writer use language to show that ‘the most dangerous animal in the zoo is Man’?
  • You must refer to the language used in the text to support your answer



Question A3   Read lines 18-27

  • What impressions do you get of the circus trainer in these lines?

You must refer to the text to support your answer




Question A4   Read lines 28-44

  • How does the writer make these lines so powerful and engaging?

You should write about:

  • The language used to describe the lions
  • The writer’s use of language to make it powerful and engaging
  • The effects on the reader



Question A5   Read from line 45 to the end.

‘You cannot read this passage without feeling sorry for captive animals’.

  • To what extent do you agree with this view?

You should write about:

  • Your impression of the animals as presented here and in the passage as a whole
  • How the writer has created these impressions

You must refer to the text to support your answer.



Section B (Writing): 40 marks

In this section you will be assessed for the quality of your creative prose...

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