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Eduqas Section A Mark Scheme GCSE English Language 20th Century Reading

Richard Gent | Saturday January 25, 2014


Eduqas Reading Mark Scheme Component 1

Section A (40 marks)

General Instructions

Where banded levels of response are given, it is presumed that candidates attaining Band and above will have achieved the criteria listed in the previous band(s). Fine tuning of the mark within a band will be made on the basis of a ‘best fit’ procedure, weaknesses in some areas being compensated for by strengths in others. Examiners should select one of the band descriptors that most closely describes the quality of the work being marked.

  • Where the candidate’s work convincingly meets the statement, the highest mark should be awarded.
  • Where the candidate’s work adequately meets the statement, the most appropriate mark in the middle range should be awarded.
  • Where the candidate’s work just meets the statement, the lowest mark should be awarded.

Examiners should use the full range of marks available to them and award full marks in any band for work that meets that descriptor. The marks on either side of the middle mark(s) for ‘adequately met’ should be used where the standards is lower or higher ‘adequate’ but not the highest or lowest mark in the band. Marking should be positive, rewarding achievement rather than penalising failure or omissions. The awarding of marks must be directly related to the marking criteria.

This mark scheme instructs examiners to look for and reward valid alternatives where indicative content is suggested for an answer. Indicative content outlines some areas of the text candidates may explore in their responses. This is not a checklist for expected content in an answer, or set out as a ‘model answer’, as responses must be marked in the banded levels of response provided for each question. Where a candidate provides a response that contains aspects or approaches not included in the indicative content, examiners should use their professional judgement as English specialists to determine the validity of the statement/interpretation...

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