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Richard Gent | Monday February 22, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Speaking and Listening

How are departments tackling the logistics of Speaking and Listening for Eduqas? We are concerned about the use of classtime for this as it would be so time consuming to listen to an individual presentation from each student. Has anyone got any clever ideas? Kind regards, Helen

“With trepidation” is how departments are approaching the logistics of speaking and listening! We have a cohort of 270 students and the idea of recording all their speaking and listening tasks does not bear thinking about. Did you receive the AQA survey enquiring if a software suite would help to ease the burden? I think something will come along soon as exam boards must surely realise this is a huge pain. There is also the option to re-record the tasks of only the students who have been called for, but that again has its own problems. Darren Crosdale

We are looking at the way the MFL Department do this. Students have 5 or 10 min time slots throughout the day - missing 10-15 minutes from other lessons - have 1-2 teachers off timetable for the day to listen to S&L and record using a camera set up in one quiet room. Logistically, would be very difficult to do this in the classroom during lesson time. I plan to speak to the Head of MFL soon to ask for advice. Claire Hill

We have given the students 1 week to plan/practise/perfect and then filmed over the next week. As it’s a listening assessment also students were asked to write down a question that was quoted to them while they were listening. Managed to get it all filmed and done in 2 to 2.5 weeks. Susan Chapman

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