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ELLA3 Adaptation Checklist

Beth Kemp | Monday May 21, 2012


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Checklist: How Effective is Your Adaptation?

You can use this to make sure you’ve covered the basics, or to help a partner check their work. If you can internalise these key elements of adaptation so that you’re looking out for them, you stand a far better chance of success in the ELLA3 exam!

Comparing your text to the original source

  • Look at the order of points in your text and the original - they should be different.
  • Check the coverage of the original text’s content in your new version: there is no need for you to include every point. You only need the ideas which fit your new text.
  • Make sure you have rephrased everything.

Looking at your text as a text

  • How much does your text resemble the genre you’ve been asked to produce? (NB: this does not mean layout; obviously you don’t need to write in columns for a newspaper, but you should be writing paragraphs which are a realistic length for a newspaper)
  • How effective, engaging and interesting is your text for your allocated audience? (Could your vocabulary do with sprucing up? Are your sentences suitably varied and clear? Have you addressed your audience appropriately?)
  • How far would your text meet its purpose? (Is it persuasive, entertaining, informative etc?)

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