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ENGA1 Answering the CLA Question

Beth Kemp | Friday May 11, 2012


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Child Language questions follow a fixed format. You will need to:

  • provide five sentences which identify features of language acquisition in a small data set
  • produce an essay discussing a specific aspect of language acquisition

The questions are phrased in predictable ways. Question 2 will ask you to “Comment linguistically on five different features of language use which you find of interest.” Question 3 usually poses a straightforward question about how children acquire language. The June 2012 paper asks: “To what extent do children acquire language in their own individual way? ” These questions are followed by bullet points which remind you of the Assessment Objective criteria for this question. These tend not to change, as they refer to what the AOs require in this question, rather than being specific to the question. They are:

In your answer you should:

  • refer to particular examples of children’s language
  • discuss relevant research and theory
  • present a clear line of argument

You will have about an hour for this part of the exam: ten minutes on question 2 and fifty on question 3 (ten for planning, forty for writing). Do not worry that this time you may be spending longer than this. It is important that you spend some time practising and learning how to deal with these questions.

Answering Question 2 (The Data Question)

This is a simple task and should not be given too much time. It is not unusual for students to write far too much in answering this question, robbing themselves of time for the essay. There are only ten marks available here, no matter how amazingly brilliant your answer!

The trick is to...

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