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ENGA1 Mode Question June 2012 Exemplar Response

Beth Kemp | Friday May 11, 2012


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These texts are both technically electronic or blended mode texts, as both were originally situated online. Text A is effectively an electronic form of a written text, as can be seen from its use of hyperlinks, but has little else to distinguish it from a written newspaper. Text B, however, is more typical of blended text, showing a higher degree of interactivity and therefore it has more in common with spoken language than A does.

Text A has greater permanence than a printed newspaper, being online, and can also be seen as a clearly planned text. This is obvious in its standard spelling and grammar, unlike Text B which shows a typographical error in “di dnot”. This is caused by the physical act of typing being carried out rapidly, with no checks being completed before posting to the internet. Since Text A is a professionally published text, however, such errors would not have been permissable.

The biggest difference between the two texts clearly lies in the degree to which they are interactive, which would make Text B nearer the ‘spoken’ end of the mode continuum than Text A. Although Text A does have some interactivity due to the possibility for an online reader to click through the hyperlinks and find more information, there is no scope for a reader to respond to Text A, as is clearly the case in Text B. As an asynchronous message board, the original poster - Becky - in Text B is seeking advice from others, and we can see that she receives two replies. The first of these, appearing the next day, gives her specific advice about a company that she can use, based on the poster’s personal experience. The second reply,...

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