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GCSE Teacher’s Guide to AQA Unit 3c Spoken English Multimodal

Aimee Williams | Monday November 04, 2013

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, Spoken English, GCSE Spoken English, AQA English Language , Unit 3 Understanding Texts and Creative Writing

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A comprehensive 3-week scheme of work for the Multimodal Spoken English controlled assessment with associated resources. This SOW refers to the 2015 task banks.


Week 1

  • Language of Multimodal Wk 1 SOW.docx
  • Example Questionnaire.docx
  • FB Emoticons.docx
  • FB Statuses.docx
  • Hybrid.ppt
  • Mime Cards.docx
  • PP.ppt
  • Prompt Cards.docx
  • Spoken and Written Differences.ppt
  • Spoken and Written Texts.docx
  • Spontaneous Language Transcript.docx
  • Terminology SPLAT.ppt
  • What Do AQA Want.docx

Week 2

  • Language of Mulitmodal Wk 2 SOW.docx
  • Attitudes.docx
  • Comic Strips.docx
  • Luv is all around MySpace, lol Article.doc
  • Luv is all around MySpace, lol Comp Questions.docx
  • Thunk.ppt
  • Why Do They Do It.ppt
  • Writing To Argue.ppt

Week 3

  • Language of Mulitmodal Wk 3 SOW.docx
  • AQA Skills Criteria How to convert a G to an A.doc
  • Blockbusters Teacher Questions.docx
  • Blockbusters.ppt
  • PEE Language Device Handout.docx
  • Revision.ppt
  • Topic Sentences Worksheet.docx
  • Topic Sentences.pptx


  • FB PPT Template.pptx

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