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Healthy Eating & Jamie Oliver

Jack Todhunter | Wednesday August 04, 2010

Categories: Speaking & Listening, Individual, Group

A balanced argument?

Please watch the video below.

Two students in South Yorkshire watched a television programme about their local area that starred the chef Jamie Oliver. The topic was healthy eating.

The TV programme made such an impact on the two boys that they felt obliged to film their own video response to Jamie Oliver. They claim they wanted to make a “balanced argument.?

Please watch the film and discuss it with your classmates.

  • Why do you think Michael (wearing glasses) and Pat made the film?
  • What message(s) were they trying to get across?
  • What do you think they think of Jamie Oliver? Why? Justify your comments with close reference to the action and/or dialogue.
  • What comments were made about healthy eating?
  • What IS healthy eating?
  • What humour is used in the film?
  • What are the best parts of this film? Which are the worst parts? Why?
  • If you could award the film marks out of ten, what would you give it? Why?
  • Was their video balanced or biased? Again, make close reference to action to justify your decision.

Use the ideas from this film to inspire you to make a presentation to your class about a TV personality. (Examples might be Jeremy Clarkson, Noel Fielding or Catherine Tate.) You might like to think of others who inspire or irritate you! You might like to include a Power Point or other visual aids in your work.


Imagine you are Jamie Oliver or someone who works for his publicity department. Role play your response to this film. You might like to dictate a letter to a secretary or use a telephone as a prop to make a phone call to Michael, Pat or their school (teacher).

The Speaking & Listening Guidance is from the AQA (2010) Syllabus for English (4700)

These prescripts will be common across a number of boards.
I have coloured blue the indicators for the healthy eating assignment to show how it might be used to satisfy the demands of the syllabus.

3b Unit 2: Speaking and Listening

Unit 2: Summary of what...

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