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KS3 Media and Non-Fiction Scheme & Associated Resources: ‘Countdown to Zero’

Aimee Williams | Wednesday February 16, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, Media & Non-Fiction, Media & Non-Fiction Activities


Year 8 Media & Non-Fiction SoW.pdf
Year 8 Media & Non-Fiction SoW.doc

Lessons & Materials

2 Stars and a Wish.doc
Commentary Handout.doc
Countdown to Zero Table For Argument.docx
Countdown to Zero Table For Argument.doc
Countdown To Zero Article.doc
Essay Guide.docx
Essay Guide.doc
Finding Pairs.ppt
Language Choices.docx
Language Choices.doc
Language Device PEE Table.docx
Leaflet Guidelines.docx
Leaflet Guidelines.doc
Learning To Be Me.doc
Lesson 1.ppt
Lesson 2.pptx
Lesson 2.ppt
Lesson 3.pptx
Lesson 3.ppt
Lesson 5.pptx
Lesson 5.ppt
Lesson 9.pptx
Plenary Squares.ppt
Presentational Devices.pptx
Presentational Devices.ppt
SL Peer Assessment Grid Model.doc
SL Self Assessment Grid Model.doc
SEAL Good To Be Me.pptx
Size 0 Model Speech.doc
The Size 0 Diet Planning Sheet.docx
The Size 0 Diet-Planning Sheet.doc
Tiny Teeth.pdf
Webquest Handout.docx
Webquest Handout.doc
Af2 Reading.pub
Af5 Reading.pub
Media Pics.pub
Model PEE.pub
Year 8 Media Non Fiction SoW.docx
Year 8 Media Non Fiction SoW.doc

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