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New! AQA Paper 1 Language Question Resources

Emily Prentice | Friday January 25, 2019


Question 1

Read the passage? Really! Grainne Hallahan tells us the pitfalls in this 1st of 4 Edusites Blogs

Of all the challenges in the English Language exam, question one fades into the background when compared to the complexities of question four, or the mental gymnastics for the analysis in questions two and three. Question one sits there. Unobtrusive. Inoffensive. Nonchalant. A little dream of a question, really. “Find four things…”. Can’t go wrong, right?

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  1. Example 1 New! pdf
  2. Example 2 New! pdf
  3. Example 3 New! pdf
  4. Example 4 New! pdf
  5. Example 5 New! pdf
  6. Example 6 New! pdf
  7. Example 7 New! pdf
  8. Example 8 New! pdf
  9. Example 9 New! pdf
  10. Example 10 New! pdf

Question 2

AQA Paper 1 Grainne Hallahan's forensic identification for success...'this reveals'...'this implies'...

Aiming for 3/4 out of 8

So a student in this category might be finding a quotation, or be able to follow the meaning of the paragraph, but rather than actually explain or analyse, they’re just saying what is there.

I always encourage students to use the double ‘this reveals…and implies…’ when phrasing their ideas. But for students who are struggling to form these ideas in the first place, I try and get them to slow down their reading and thinking, before they get to the point of putting pen to paper.

Read full blog with examples of responses here

  1. Example 1 New! pdf
  2. Example 2 New! pdf
  3. Example 3 New! pdf
  4. Example 4 New! pdf
  5. Example 5 New! pdf

Question 3

AQA Paper 1 Question 3 - no one cares if you’re interested- the writer isn’t looking for feedback, you’re not an editor...

And now question three. You little tricky brute. It should be so simple! Teach structural devices, and how to analyse them, chuck in a couple of nice sounding technical terms to boost their confidence, and voila!

Eight out of eight?


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Question 3 Skills New! pdf         


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