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New Edexcel GCSE English Literature Sample Component 2 Indicative Content

pdodd | Sunday December 07, 2014


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Component 2

Section A: 19th Century Novel

1. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

(a) Explore how Bronte presents Jane’s feelings in this extract. (20)

Responses may include:


  • Jane’s feelings in the extract and her strength of character
  • Use of specific language to show her feelings such as ‘trampled’, ‘expanded’ etc.
  • The use and effects of contrast in the language in the extract
  • Jane’s eloquence in this passage and how it demonstrates her intellect but also her growing sense of freedom, independence and status
  • Language of passion used by Jane to show her true feelings
  • Use and effects of questions to demonstrate Jane’s strength of thought
  • Her response to Rochester and what this shows about her
  • Her misunderstanding of Rochester’s intent and what this shows about her.

(b) Explain how Bronte presents Jane as a strong female character in the novel as a whole. (20)

Responses may include:


  • The challenges Jane had to deal with in the novel- such as her lack of family, security and support and how she has overcome these
  • Her growing feelings of love for Rochester and her determination to be with him even through a series of misunderstandings and challenges
  • How she overcomes moral dilemmas such as the Rivers’ proposal, living with Rochester
  • Ideas around her internal strength and independence and how this is achieved in the novel
  • Ideas around her status and her attitudes towards this and how she can deal with this and society’s view of women.
  • Her eloquence and intellect which leads to her growing sense of freedom.

2. Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
(a) Explore how Dickens presents Pip’s thoughts and feelings about the way he is being treated in this extract. (20)
Responses may include:


  • Ideas around the relationship between Pip and...

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