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New OCR GCSE English Literature Sample Component 01 Indicative Content

pdodd | Wednesday January 08, 2014


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Component 01 - Exploring modern and literary heritage texts

Section A - Modern prose or drama

When marking the part (a) in this section, the responses to the unseen extracts should be marked in isolation from the wider text and knowledge of the wider text should not be credited. Assertions made that are reasonable in the context of the extract should also be rewarded.

1. Anita and Me by Meera Syal and Oranges are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson.

(a) Compare how the mother/daughter relationships are presented in the two extracts. (20)

Responses may include:


  • Consideration of both views is reflective and taken from a young age by both authors who act as narrators in these autobiographical pieces. A view of the situations and experiences felt by both daughters and mothers in these pieces should be included.
  • The elements of humour in both extracts to explain the extremes, both characters are confused and disappointed at times with the behaviour and reactions of their mothers but there are also indications of respect.


  • An understanding of the reaction of both daughters towards their mothers and from mothers towards their daughters and the language and tone used to describe them. The use of devices such as hyperbole, the use of sound and colour and imagery with examples.
  • The significance of the list in Oranges are Not the Only Fruit to show a mother with strong opinions and the two faces of Meena’s mother and how contrasting language indicates this and how this elicits sympathy from the reader.


  • An understanding of the importance of mothers as role models to their children and how they appear when children are young
  • The use of vivid memory often to portray the extremes of behaviour as seen by children.

(b)  Explore one other moment in Anita and Me when Meena...

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