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New OCR GCSE English Literature Sample Component 02 Indicative Content

pdodd | Tuesday January 07, 2014

Categories: KS4, OCR GCSE, OCR GCSE English Literature 2015, Component 02: Exploring Poetry and Shakespeare, Component 02: Exploring Poetry and Shakespeare Assessment Pack, Hot Entries

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Section A Poetry across time

1. Love and Relationships

Using In Paris With You and Hour

(a) Compare how the speakers in these poems express their feelings about love. (20)

Responses may include:


  • Fenton’s poem is about surfacing from a long term relationship and being in Paris with someone else but in this Fenton is not concentrating on the romantic sights of Paris but the ordinary ones, likewise Duffy also discusses the highs and lows of a romantic relationship and the precious time one spends with a loved one and how time is an obstacle. Duffy presents the battle of love versus time.
  • These are both very unique views of love and both adopt word play and both urge their partner to enjoy the moment, although they are at different times of their relationships.
  • Both talk about moments of closeness and enjoying the moment of being together as more important than what is around them.


  • The language of Fenton’s poem is very informal and simple suggesting honesty and a move away from the overly poetic language of love. Duffy’s language has contrasts between traditional terms of love such as ‘flowers’ with other alternatives such as the ‘grass ditch’.
  • Fenton’s poem is written in the first person, in free verse while Duffy uses the sonnet form and a predictable rhyming scheme. Both are very personal and for the moment. Significance of the last stanzas and lines in each poem.
  • Both poems use extensive imagery and word play such as the moon, images of light and are critical of the clichés of love such as romantic sites, money and riches etc.
  • Ideas around differences in structure of the poems, varied use of sound, the use of puns and alliteration.

(b) Explore in detail one other poem from your OCR Anthology which expresses feelings about love. (20)


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