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OCR A2 F663 Drama and Poetry Pre-1800 | Section A: Shakespeare

Paul Merrell | Sunday October 16, 2011



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1. Introduction
2. Section A: Shakespeare
3. Section B: Drama and Poetry
4. Exemplars
5. Conclusion

There’s a plethora of information out there about the individual texts that you may choose to study, so I don’t intend to spend too long here on the content of what you can teach.

However, there are some teaching ideas and strategies below that you may find useful when ensuring that you are meeting the demands of the examination.

AO3 and AO4 Critics and Contexts

All four of the assessment objectives are, ultimately, going to be assessed when your students sit down to take this examination in June; therefore, it is going to be important that you introduce them – nice and early – to the idea of independent study.

In order to achieve highly for AO3 and AO4 – critical reading and contextual understanding – the pupils are going to need to do a lot of wider reading. Which they will likely hate; or perhaps just ignore!

There is no way in which you, as the teacher, are going to be able to supply them with a wide enough range of critical viewpoints and contextual information to ensure that they do well. Sure, you can read like a fiend and photocopy like mad, but it’s not you that is going to be taking this examination. So why are you doing all the work? Hopefully this guide will ease the strain, too.

At the outset of the study of the text, it’s useful to put together a rota for AO3 and AO4. Then, at the start of each lesson, a different student must bring with them something that can be added to their ‘Critics and Contexts File’. It doesn’t have to be very long – some of them want to produce pages of critical essays – but it must be annotated and the pupil must be able to explain why it is important. The teacher then takes it and photocopies it for the whole class. The pupils keep all of these things together in a file separate from the rest of their notes.

With my own groups, we keep doing...

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