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OCR GCSE Eng Lit Component 01: DNA Scheme

| Friday January 16, 2015

Categories: KS4, OCR GCSE, OCR GCSE English Literature 2015, Component 01: Exploring Modern & Literary Heritage Texts, Component 01: Exploring Modern & Literary Heritage Texts Schemes, Drama, DNA, Hot Entries, Writing, Drama Analysis

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  • OCR GCSE English Literature Component 01: Exploring Modern & Literary Heritage Texts Assessment Pack

Associated Resources

  • OCR DNA Table 1.docx
  • Approaches to Component 01 Section A: Comparison

How the Unit is Assessed

Exploring modern literary texts (01)

Assessment Overview - 50% of total GCSE

  • 80 marks
  • 2 hours written paper

Content Overview - Reading and responding to:

  • one studied modern prose or drama text, including making connections with a thematically linked unseen modern, same-genre extract
  • one studied 19th century prose text.

Aims and Learning Outcomes

Courses based on this specification should encourage students to develop knowledge and skills in reading, writing and critical thinking. Through literature, students have a chance to develop culturally and acquire knowledge of the best that has been thought and written. Studying GCSE English Literature should encourage students to read widely for pleasure, and as a preparation for studying literature at a higher level.

Courses based on this specification should also encourage students to:

  • read a wide range of classic literature fluently and with good understanding, and make connections across their reading
  • read in depth, critically and evaluatively, so that they are able to discuss and explain their understanding and ideas
  • develop the habit of reading widely and often
  • appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage
  • write accurately, effectively and analytically about their reading, using Standard English
  • acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and other literary and linguistic terms they need to criticise and analyse what they read

Exam Questions

This component is worth 80 marks: 40 marks for Section A and 40 marks for Section B.

  • Section A: Modern prose or drama (25% of total GCSE (9–1)) Learners study one modern prose or drama set text. Learners respond to one extended response-style question on their studied...

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